I’m an illiterate bohemian hobo dumpster-diving artists/painter…65 yrs old. I have spent almost all by life as an artist. I have lived in Chateauroux, France, NYC, Washington D.C. Miami Beach, Columbus, Ohio, Nashville TN, and I have traveled to almost every major city exhibiting and selling my art work… Jazz Fest New Orleans, LA, House of Blues, Orlando, FL, Slotin Folkart and Outsider show, Atlanta, GA, A Day in the Country at KY Folk Art Center, Morehead KY, Whofest, Atlanta, GA, and Kentuck Art Fest, AL .

Since 2003 I have lived in an old church (1935) in historic Hannibal, Missouri along the banks of the Mississippi river where I wander the town scrounging old wood, metal, plastic…whatever I find that I can put some paint on! I share a large painting studio with my partner T-Marie. Our painting sessions start around 8pm and go most of the night until someone passes out or wanders off to bed. Each morning after a session is like Christmas morning wandering into the studio to view the creations from the night before.

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