Theresa Disney is a full time artist, working constantly, prolifically, and gratefully each and every day. Her work is fresh and vibrant, often evoking a gentleness crossed with an irreverent sense of humor the imbues her work with life and vitality. Her devotion to her constant artistic expression has sustained her through personal struggles and the raising of two sons. Theresa will work in any medium that strikes her fancy, always ending in delightful and insightful results.

Although working and living in St. Louis, Theresa’s work has been exhibited in many of the major Folk and Outsider Art shows across the country, including Kentuck, Folk Fest, the Intuit show in Chicago, and many others. For her one-of-a-kind work, Theresa was selected as an American Original in the May 2008 edition of MORE magazine. COUNTRY HOME magazine presented a feature article on Theresa and her wonderful home/studio space in the May 2007 issue.

We’re proud and excited to be able to offer a selection of Theresa Disney’s work through Panorama Folk Art.