Tom D

Tom D is a self-taught artist. Born in 1951, he was raised in a conservative, religious environment. He rebelled as a teenager in the late 60’s by embracing the counterculture, becoming involved in the drug scene, and dodging the draft. He worked various jobs, and by the time he was 26 years old, he had a failed marriage and two children behind him, and was searching for a new direction in his life.

His first show was in the 70’s, and since the mid 80’s, Tom has been a full time artist. Ever since, he’s shown in innumerable galleries and shows (including group shows with Howard Finster and Andy Warhol) here and abroad, appeared in Raw Vision magazine, Folk Art Finder, and Betty-Carol Sellen’s book “Self Taught, Outsider and Folk Art: A Guide to American Artists”. Much of his work is autobiographical and confessional, serving to place him in the “outsider artist” category.

Remarried in 2005 to the artist Melissa Arpin Duimstra, Tom says “I will continue to paint and create until I am physically no longer able. It is the thing I feel I’m meant to do with my life, my reason for being here”.

We are very honored to be able to offer some of Tom’s work at Panorama Folk Art.