Tommy Lawless

Tommy Lawless (born 1961), the son of an Artist and Art Educator, shunned any association with the creative process until he reached his early 40’s. Then, as an adjunct to his St. Louis Antiques business, Tommy began creating small primarily seasonal decorative products. As this process progressed, Tommy’s work began to take on a less commercial tone and veer into a distinctive personal “outsider” vision.

He began this new journey venturing into his own expressions of the Southern tradition of the Face Jug and the Victorian Memory Jug, using shells and found objects as his medium. This work found an immediate audience, and has resulted in a varied palette of expression, including painting and Paper Mache’ construction. His current passion is for the lowly bottle cap, adapted into a variety of individual and open-hearted images.

Tommy’s work has been mentioned in several national publications, and has been shown at Folk Fest in Atlanta, Good Folk Fest in Louisville, the Outside Art Fair in St. Louis, and various other St. Louis art events.